iPad: The new PC?

You see them everywhere. In less than a year in existence, nearly 10 million have been sold. And while Apple has the lead and may remain the leader for a long time to come, there are several other alternatives coming out, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Dell Streak (both running Android) and Windows 7 tablets from several other vendors that we will see in 2011. So is this just a gadget, or perhaps a new laptop or PC alternative? Research firm Gartner yesterday said that Worldwide PC shipments have been revised downward for 2011 from an earlier forecast. All the while, out of nowhere, this new market for tablets is gaining incredible momentum. We certainly don’t believe that these tablets will be a full substitute for many of the business applications of a PC. However, clearly, many people have and will find it a useful alternative for a portable and capable alternative.

Gartner Press Release:  http://bit.ly/g6hoO2

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