The Up and Coming Windows Phone

Microsoft is a household name. And Bill Gates is arguably one of the most important names in the technology field. But has Microsoft ever been “cool”? Not really, in the eyes of consumers it’s always fell a tad short of hip, but Microsoft’s new software for smartphones may alter the way the organization is viewed.

Microsoft has long fought an industry reputation as a sort of stodgy dullard. There is a decent list of unsuccessful Microsoft products. Remember the Zune music player? Maybe not. What about the Kin phone? That flop has long vanished from the minds of most consumers.

Windows Phone software, though, seems to be a hit among the technology press. Many media critics are saying that Windows Phone is probably the best looking and performing smartphone operating systems currently available. That’s heady praise for any company, not just Microsoft.

Windows Phone gets praise for its easy to use interface, and its fresh look. Users have easier access to social networks the in the past, the tiles on the home screen come to life when friends update their Twitter of Facebook keeping users up-to-date.

It is intriguing that even with all these features, Windows Phone hasn’t been a big seller. This may be, in part, a result of the phones which use Windows Phone as an operating system, many people think they are bland. Another contributing factor is that most wireless providers push iPhone and Android devices.

The Windows Phone, though, provides some hope for Microsoft’s attempts to capture some cool. Certainly, big sales and ubiquitous products are important, but a little hipness never hurt a company, either.