Don’t expect much from Windows 8.1

Has Microsoft made Windows 8 much better with its Windows 8.1 tweak? Not really, says David Pogue, tech writer for the New York Times. And in a recent preview of the update, Pogue writes that if you’re not a fan of Windows 8, you most likely won’t like Windows 8.1, as well.

Start still missing

The first problem? Windows 8.1 doesn’t resurrect the much-missed Start menu. Pogue ponders if that is just stubbornness by Microsoft.

Two worlds

Secondly, Windows 8.1 still doesn’t know if it’s a touch-screen or mouse-and-keyboard system. The system’s TileWorld section works the best for touchscreens. But its Desktop section is clearly made to be navigated with a mouse and keyboard. By splitting itself like this, Windows 8.1 doesn’t make anyone happy.

Stick to Windows 7

Pogue’s advice? If you’re not much of a fan of Windows 8, the upgrade won’t do much to change your mind. Stay with the superior Windows 7.