The PC isn’t dead yet

You’ve probably heard how the PC is dead. People are buying up tablets and smartphones, but they are bypassing new desktop computers. Well, ITworld is here to let you know that the rumors of the PC’s death are overblown.

Job’s Quote

Those predicting the death of the PC had a boost when Steve Jobs, before his untimely death, compared PCs to trucks. He said trucks dominated when most people lived rural lives. But now that more people live in cities, cars are more important than trucks. In Jobs’ analogy, PCs are trucks and tablets are cars.


But ITworld claims that Jobs’ argument is flawed. The best-selling vehicle in the United States remains a truck, the Ford F150 pickup. That’s because people still need trucks to get work done. This holds true for PCs: People need them to get work done.

Tablet Limits

Tablets are impressive tools. But they can’t compare to a PC when it’s time to get work done. Try typing a report on a tablet or creating a PowerPoint. That is what PCs do best. And unless all of us plan to stop working, we’ll need those “antiquated” PCs.