Great New Browser, Big Expectations. Be BRAVE & Get BRAVE

“We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while growing ad revenue share for content creators.”

Everyone is taking notice to a new browser, and for good reason.  The CEO of BRAVE Browser from Brave Software is Brendan Eich.  If you do not know who Brendan Eich is  – Don’t admit to it LOL.  He is an American technologist and creator of the JavaScript programming language. He co-founded the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation, and served as the Mozilla Corporation’s chief technical officer and briefly its chief executive officer  (Credit Wikipedia).

I have been using it for a few weeks and am ready to replace everything else for my personal use.  I recommend you try it.

Exchange & Office 365 – Class Computing Back-Up Options

We already know “Microsoft has its own impressively resilient processes for backing up Office 365 services.” MS employs the 3-2-1 backup rule; three copies of the data on two different media with one copy off-site. Microsoft does more than the minimum to cover itself.

From what I have read:  Exchange Online Data is stored at data centers in Quicy, WA; Chicago, IL; San Antonio, TX; and Des Moines, IA.  Microsoft allegedly stores data in at least two of the data centers for availability at all times.  This is in addition to whatever processes they do not tell you publicly.

Now move the responsibility to yourself: The data is in the cloud, but what is YOUR second backup option?  Relying soley on Microsoft to keep a copy of your data is only one media. And the files stored locally on your Outlook client are incomplete, because you have deleted email / files over time.


The Deleted Items Folder can have a retainage policy of: 14 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, etc; this comes with limited functionality.  Third-party solutions are more robust and easier to use.  Class Computing has a complete back-up offering.